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AUG 23rd - I seek out a person who I see every week but have not really gotten to know them. I make a point of getting to know this person.
AUG 16th - I recognize that taking time to really talk with a person brings both of us real joy.
AUG 9th - I have a real conversation with someone, not just a "hi, how are you" short interchange.
AUG 2nd - I make friends with a lonely person who needs a friend.
JUL 25th - I help one person in my community to find joy in life.
JUL 18th - I answer the question, "What inspires me to get up every morning and to meet each new day with joy in my heart?"
JUL 11th - My care partner and I discover together the activities that bring the most joy.
JUL 4th - I will consider my spirituality for the next month. What are my beliefs, wishes and values?
JUN 20th - I take a few moments each week to sit outside and breath in deeply.
JUN 13th - I make a list of outdoor activities for the summer with my loved one and family in mind.
JUN 6th - I identify one time (at a minimum) each week when my loved one and I cook together.
MAY 30th - On this Memorial Day, I remember a loved one lost and create a dedication for that person.
MAY 23rd - I ask my loved one about a fond memory and we create a story about it.
MAY 16th - I look for creativity in everyday life from buying vegetables, looking out at the yard and taking a trip to the doctor - all bringing my loved one and me joy.
MAY 9th - I use the free online tool, Creative Caregiving Guide (creativeaging.com) for more quality moments with family.

MAY 2nd - I develop recipes that encourage cooking creatively with my loved one AND share them with friends.

APRIL 25th - I cook enough food with my care partner so we can freeze some to extend the meaning and memory of our time together.
APRIL 18th - I cook with my care partner because it brings back memories and creates new ones.


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