August Blog: Caregiving: A New Normal?

Caregiving is and has always been a "normal" part of life. I didn't really understand this simple truth for a long time. Many of us have often thought of caregiving as an unusual circumstance, a finite period of time, a bump in the road when, in reality, caregiving is a part of the fabric and pattern of life. Caregiving marks the passages of life, for some beginning with parenting and often culminating later in life in the ultimate role reversal, parenting our parents. Throughout our prime years, caring often assumes a mentoring role for children, employees, peers and friends. Our attitude toward caregiving and acceptance that caregiving is a normal experience throughout life can help us savor the moments, find meaning and enrichment and, in the words of Marc Middleton ("Growing Bolder"), make us "nostalgic for the future." Rather than dreading one's own aging, and inevitable illness, considering the future through a lens of continued promise and life-long learning, enhances each day we have and can help us live longer.



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