January Blog
“Saying Goodbye and Hello”

As I contemplate the new year, 2018, my attention will not be on the traditional new year’s resolutions. Instead, I am coming to terms with the losses, often painful, of the last year with an intentional focus toward future opportunities. I’m hoping that changing my attitude toward my gains, not my losses, will keep my zest for living intact!

As all of us age, loss is always there. Leaving home when we are young to downsizing when we are old involves loss; dwelling on those losses during any life transition can leave us depressed, disengaged and unproductive. Focus on what may be gained in the future keeps us curious and engaged. I have a dear friend who had to leave the independence of her home to enter a residential home where she has her own space but also help and support from others. Her response? “This place is like a resort. They wait on me hand and foot.” Rather than obsessing about what she lost, ...


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