On Creativity and Caregiving

Through the Arts, We Can Make Meaning and Memory Across Generations.

All of us involved in producing, promoting, and advocating for arts programs have witnessed the immediate and long-term impact of engagement in arts programs. Eyes light up — and spirits immediately follow.

When creativity is a part of everyday life, especially as we age, we benefit from the making of meaning and memory across generations. The arts are a great human connector, helping us better understand and appreciate one another.

We’re quickly becoming a society of caregivers. I’ve been a caregiver multiple times, and it’s a journey that most of us will take at some point. How we view that journey can make all the difference in how we age — and how we create a positive legacy for our families and ourselves.

The arts are an incredibly powerful tool for both caregivers and those they care for, providing a perspective and a space....



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