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Margery Pabst is an author, facilitator, radio show host
and national speaker on caregiving, life transitions, and
human potential. Margery speaks at national conferences,
including The Eden Alternative, Hospice, Parish Nurses, and
AARP as well as writing for several websites. Most recently,
Margery’s work expanded to collaborating with physicians
on identifying patient/caregiver emotional needs and
values, a critical part of the healing process. As a
communications expert, Margery presents tools and
techniques for both the family and professional caregiver.

Margery is the author of "Words of Care", a collection of writings to help the
busy caregivers navigate their journey and find comofrt and inspiration in the
work they undertake. Margery is also the co-author of “Enrich Your Caregiving
Journey”, which provides tips, tools and steps for taking care of yourself while
caring for others. "Enrich Your Caregiving Journey" was selected by Today’s
Caregiver Magazine for the “2010 Caregiver Friendly Award”. Facilitating change
for a number of Fortune 100 companies while writing about how to successfully
navigate life transitions is her focus.Her expertise centers on analyzing the
behaviors successful people use to be productive in both work and personal life.

Margery Pabst was named eCareDiary's Caregiving Expert in 2010 and is a
regular contributor to the "Expert Q/A on that website. In all her writing and
speaking, she explores the potential for development and empowerment as
we age and care for others.

Margery writes a feature, “Ask The Caregiving Coach”. This feature is interactive
and encourages readers’ active engagement to submit their own helpful tips.
Margery says, “We all can be experts.” Margery also hosts two internet-based
radio shows for ECareDiary; "Caregiver and Physician Conversations", as
well as "Caregivers Speak". Consult the Calendar Section of this website for
upcoming shows.  For all past shows, consult the Radio Shows Section for all
archived shows by topic.

Margery is also the Founder and President of The Pabst Charitable Foundation for the Arts. The Foundation funds artists and arts institutions that are impacting community in areas of wellness, education, and the environment in areas of innovative partnerships and interdisciplinary collaboration. Margie is the President of the Board of the Cornell Fine Arts Museum at Rollins College, and the Past-President of the National Center For Creative Aging. Additionally, Margie is now a member of the Advisory Council of the newly formed Dr. Phillips Florida Hospital School of Arts & Wellness in Orlando, Florida.

Margery serves on several non-profit boards, among them the UCF Foundation,
and Atlantic Center for the Arts.


- Deborah German M.D. Dean, UCF College of Nursing

“In medicine there is much written to help doctors and nurses care for patients but little for the family members and non-medical care givers. These care givers need to balance caring for the patient and caring for themselves. This book addresses many of the issues that such a care giver will face and does so in a way that is practical and easy to understand. I would recommend it to anyone who is providing care for a loved one.”

- Terry Teachout, drama critic, The Wall Street Journal

“Taking care of a loved one, whether briefly or for many years, is one of the hardest and most emotionally complex experiences known to humankind. Yet most people face it alone, without preparation or useful counsel. If you need to know how to cope with caregiving, "Enrich Your Caregiving Journey" is the book for you, a commonsense guide to the problems of caregiving that is utterly practical and deeply informed by real-life experience. Reading it is like sitting down with an old friend who's been down the same road and knows just what to say--and what to do.”

- John Guarneri,M.D.,FACOG, Florida Hospital

"Margery Pabst catalyzes those important conversations for patients, caregivers and their healthcare providers with her talents, life experiences and her passion"


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